westwing: e-commerce website development and enhancement

Westwing e-commerce software development case study by Milies software development company
locationMunchen, Germany
duration2020 – 2022
tech stacknode.js, react.js, redis, memcached, rabbitmq, aws, docker, k8s
industryretail and wholesale

about westwing

Westwing is a “curated shoppable magazine”, inspiring its visitors every day with the newest trends, themes, stories, brands, and products from the world of Home & Living. It stands at the forefront as the leading inspiration-driven eCommerce platform in the realm of Home & Living for enthusiasts of home aesthetics. Westwing is now present in 11 European countries and has generated EUR 522 million in revenue in 2021.

Custom e-commerce solution development for Westwing
Convert Shopify to custom e-commerce solution
Shopify scaling by custom software development for Westwing

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